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Embrace Love. Embrace Life. Embrace You.

Raising My Dreams is about embracing love for our children, our relationships with others and love for ourselves. It's about understanding strengths and weaknesses and rising above them, and teaching our kids to rise above them as well. And it's about building a community of introvert parents and for those raising those introverts.

First off you may be interested in learning more about the differences of high sensitivity, introversion, and shyness. You can read our article on the simple definition of each trait here.

A major focus of this blog is on parenting and being an introvert parent. Our Parenting Page
 will give you our latest articles on raising and being an introvert.

I am a firm believer that there is a great strength and beauty to being an introvert and I also love striving to build upon those strengths. On the Self Page you can check out the most recent articles where I really focus on the beauty that can be found within.

If you are interested in how introverts relate to others, then there is the Relationships Page.

And if you just want to know about who I am then continue on this page to read more about my story.

My Story

Ever since I was a little girl, I dreamed of being a mom. I remember putting to bed all of my stuffed animals and dolls, making sure that each one was warm under the blanket. Being a mom was something that I had always hoped I would become.

As I grew older, I put aside that dream, but it was always there. That longing to care for a child of my own. Yet, I learned that life did not always go as planned. So, I set aside that dream, pursuing other dreams until I would meet my prince charming and we could begin our family together. 

I found my prince charming. We married and enjoyed our time together preparing to have a family of our own. I looked forward to my dream coming true. It didn’t come right away. But, after almost 5 years we were blessed to have a beautiful little girl of our own. Since then we have also been blessed with another little girl. I thank God each day for these girls, my Lil Bug and Lil Sunshine. They filled (and still fill) my world with joy.

With that said, life is full of difficulties. You see, I am an introvert and with two little girls running around it can be hard to find time to myself to recharge and be ready for the next day. I am also highly sensitive and I become easily overwhelmed by all the stimulation. The other side of this is my Lil Bug, who is an introvert as well. She is also sensitive and shy, so very much like me. My Lil Sunshine is more outgoing than her older sister but she may still be an introvert, with her it is harder to tell.

Just in the time that I've been a parent I have learned a lot about being an introvert and raising an introvert. And I know I still have much to learn. We really do live in an extroverted world and while there are some great strengths to extroversion there are also great strengths in being an introvert. Both traits have strengths and both traits have weaknesses. We can all learn from each other.

 Through the unique perspective of being a highly sensitive introvert and through my experiences raising my "little Dreams," I seek to help others understand that there is strength within them (and their children) and also that they are not alone in this parenting journey we are facing. 

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